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Avangard Hotel - a corner of coziness and comfort along the M-4 Don highway


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Dear guests of Krasnodar, we present to your attention the Avangard Hotel. It is located a four-minute drive from Krasnodar-Pashkovsky International Airport, along the M4 highway; opposite the OZ mall Shopping and Entertainment Center, which includes a huge number of shops and entertainment that will make your vacation much more enjoyable, especially in the evenings. Avangard Krasnodar Hotel also offers several types of recreation: a cozy cafe that can satisfy even the most refined gourmet (the menu includes Russian, Caucasian and European cuisine) and a sauna with a 3*3 swimming pool, where you can order dishes from the cafe and drinks from the bar.

In our hotel you can use additional services: free pre-order transfer on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00 (Airport - Hotel - Airport) and from 10.00 to 16.00 (OZ Mall - OZ Mall Hotel); translation services; wedding room decoration; booking of air and railway tickets; taxi call (organization transfer).

Avangard is a modern hotel, accordingly, in any corner of the building you can use free Internet (Wi-Fi). 24-hour room service will make your stay at the Avangard Krasnodar hotel more comfortable. Dear guests are also at your service - an ironing room, laundry, an additional set of bedding, an extraordinary change of linen and, of course, if you come with a child, you can use a baby cot.

The Avangard Hotel includes 23 rooms with modern design, private bathroom, wardrobe, work desk, telephone, plasma TV, split system, mini-bar and safe. In the bathroom you will find everything you need to clean up after a long road or walk. We will be glad to welcome you to our hotel!
The best price / quality offer among the best hotels and inns in Krasnodar.

The popularity of booking and booking a hotel room on the Internet is gaining momentum. Unfortunately, not all hotels perform their duties in good faith and indicate truthful information on their website. Arriving in the city and checking into the room, the Guest may find that the situation, so beautifully painted on the website, does not correspond to reality. Therefore, it is recommended to think over your choice in detail.
How to choose a hotel in Krasnodar?
If a citizen arrives in Krasnodar for work, it is best to choose a hotel that will be closest to the airport. When a person arrives in the city to attend a wedding or other celebration, it is necessary to think not only about the location of the hotel itself, but also about comfort. If the purpose of the trip is business or tourist, you should give preference to a hotel near the airport. Thus, bypassing traffic jams, you can quickly get to the city center along the bypass road where our hotel is located.
In order not to expect an unpleasant surprise upon arrival, you need to study the hotel reviews in advance. It is advisable to do this on the popular hotel booking services of Krasnodar, since it is there that real citizens gather and leave genuine reviews about the hotel. Cheating positive reviews in this case is unlikely. But it is better to book a hotel room directly through the hotel booking service and you will avoid additional commissions, interest and fees. When ordering, do not limit yourself only to the information given on the website. Do not be lazy and call the administrator of the reception and accommodation service of the hotel where you are going to stay to find out more detailed information.

Check-in 2:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM
Booking cancellation

Free cancellation of the reservation is possible 5 days before arrival

Terms & Conditions


These rules establish the procedure for booking, settlement, accommodation and provision of services at the AVANGARD Hotel.

1. The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed with the hotel administration. After the expiration of the agreed period, the resident is obliged to vacate the room at the request of the administration. If you wish to extend your stay, you must inform the hotel administrator no later than 2 hours before check-out time - 12 o'clock local time. The extension of the stay in the same room is possible only if there is no confirmed reservation for it in favor of third parties.

2. Check-out time is 12 o'clock local time. 3. The working hours of the AVANGARD Hotel are round-the-clock.

4. The settlement (settlement) in the hotel of citizens is carried out upon presentation of their passport, military ID or other identity document.

5. The hotel administration has the right to conclude a contract for booking seats.

6. Payment for accommodation and services at the hotel, including insurance premiums and security payments, is carried out at free (contractual) prices, according to the price list approved by the hotel management. Payment is made in rubles, in cash, by wire transfer under the booking agreement or using settlement (credit) cards. Check-in at the hotel is made from 14:00. Payment for accommodation is made at the entrance to the hotel, during check-in, or at the request of the guest, prepayment is possible. A fiscal receipt and an invoice for services rendered are issued upon the guest's departure.

7. The accommodation fee is charged in accordance with a single check-out time - from 12 o'clock of the current day local time. If the guest is free to settle at night from 22:00 to 06:00, check-in to the room is made only before check-out time, the extension of the stay is made in accordance with paragraph 1 of these rules. For stays of less than a day (24 hours), the fee is charged per day, regardless of the time of arrival and departure.

8. There is no charge for the accommodation of children under the age of 14, without providing a separate place.

9. Regardless of the type of settlement, in case of a delay in the departure of the guest (consumer) after the check-out hour for a period of no more than 6 hours, an hourly payment is made. If departure is delayed for a period of 6 to 12 hours after check-out time, the fee is charged for half a day. If you check out after more than 12 hours after check-out time, payment is made as for a full day.

10. In case the guest refuses to stay or shortens the period of stay, the administration has the right to withhold an amount equal to the cost of one night's stay from the prepayment made by the guest (his guarantor). This amount is a fee for booking a room in the name of the guest for the entire period of his stay.

11. At the request of the residents, with the consent of the administration, unauthorized persons are allowed to be in the room from 08:00 to 24:00 hours; for this, the visitor must leave an identity card at the reception desk and receive a guest card.

12. In case of a visitor's delay in the guest's room after 24:00 or an outsider's wire to the hotel by a registered guest at night (from 24:00 to 08:00), these persons must be registered to the guest.

13. Compliance with the internal regulations in the hotel is monitored by the administrator. He gives visitors explanations about the rules of accommodation, accepts complaints from them about the actions of the staff and other visitors who violate the established operating procedure of the hotel.

14. Bed linen, towels and toiletries are changed once every three days. At the request of the guest, an unscheduled change of linen can be made for an additional fee.

15. The hotel provides residents with the following types of free services:
• free transfer on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00 Airport - Hotel - Airport;
• calling an ambulance;
• use of a first aid kit;
• call a taxi;
• delivery of correspondence to the room upon ee receipt;
• use of an individual safe;
• Use Wi-Fi;
• use of satellite TV;
• use of ironing facilities in a specially equipped room;
• wake up to a certain time;
• provision of sewing accessories, hair dryer;
• use of the parking lot.

16. The hotel provides additional services to the guest for a fee at his request in accordance with the list and register of prices for additional services.
17.The hotel has a cafe. Hotel guests have the right of priority service in the cafe. For an additional fee, it is possible to order food in the room.* Payment for meals (including alcoholic beverages) is made in the cafe.

18. The resident is obliged to:
• when leaving the room, close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights, TV;
• observe the order of accommodation established at the AVANGARD Hotel, observe cleanliness, silence and public order in the room and hotel;
• strictly comply with fire safety regulations;
• to compensate for damages in case of loss, damage or damage to the property of the hotel. The assessment of the damage caused is made on the basis of the "price list for damage to the property of the hotel";
• be responsible for the actions of the visitors invited by him to his room;
• exclude the possibility of infection in the room;
• timely and in full pay for all additional services provided by the hotel, products of the minibar.

19. The hotel is prohibited:
• leave unauthorized persons in the room, as well as give them a room key card;
• store bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury;
• keep animals (birds, reptiles) in the room;
• smoking in the rooms for smokers, as well as in the halls and corridors of the hotel;
• be in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
• use heating devices if it is not provided in the room;
• disturb the peace of guests staying in neighboring rooms.

20. Rooms №201, №202, №203,№204, №210, №211, №212, №301, №302, №303, №304, №305, №306, №307, №308, №310 they are declared strictly non-smokers, the guest settling in them agrees for smoking in the room pay a fine of 2500 rubles, which will be used to clean the room and the air from the smell of smoke.

21. The administration is not responsible for the loss of valuables of the guest in the room, if they violate the order of stay at the hotel. If forgotten items are found, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners. If the owner is not found, the administration reports the discovery to the police or local government.

22. The book of reviews and suggestions is located at the hotel administrator on duty and is issued at the request of consumers.

23. The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the room without the consent of the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation by the guest of this order of accommodation, public order, the order of use of household appliances.

24. The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of hotel services unilaterally or refuse to extend the period of stay in case the guest violates the order of accommodation, late payment for hotel services, causing material damage to the hotel by the guest.

25. In the absence of a guest at the place of residence for more than a day (or after 6 hours from the moment of his check-out time), the hotel administration has the right to create a commission and make an inventory of the property in the room. Material values in the form of cash, precious metals, valuable documents, the administration takes responsibility. Other property is in the service department.

26. In case of complaints from the consumer, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict provided for by law.

27. In cases not provided for by these rules, the administration and the consumer are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. *
The rules of hotel accommodation are developed on the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Consumer Rights Protection" and "Rules for the provision of Hotel Services in the Russian Federation", approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 490 of April 25, 1997, (with amendments and additions of 02.10.1999, 15.09.2000)

Fire safety rules at the Avangard Hotel

Dear guests! Please observe the fire safety rules.

Do not use electric heaters in the room (coffee pots, electric kettles, irons, boilers). When leaving the room, do not forget to turn off the TV, air conditioning, lighting lamps.

We remind you that it is dangerous to cover the switched-on floor lamps and table lamps with objects made of combustible material.

We hope that you will not smoke while lying in bed and leave cigarettes outstanding.
It is not allowed to bring and store flammable substances and materials in the room.

If you arrive at the hotel for the first time, try to remember the location of exits and stairs well and familiarize yourself with the evacuation plan and the location of primary fire extinguishing means.

In case of a fire in your room:

1. If it is not possible to eliminate the source of fire on your own, leave the room and close the door without locking it.
Immediately report the incident to the fire department by phone "112".
2. Be sure to report the fire to the maid or the administrator.
3. Leave the danger zone and follow the instructions of the administration or fire department.

In case of a fire outside your room:

1. Immediately report the incident to the fire department by calling 112.
2. Leave your room after you close the windows and doors, exit the building.
3. If the corridors and stairwells are heavily smoky and it is not possible to leave the room, it is necessary to stay in your room with the windows wide open. A closed and well-sealed door can protect you from dangerous temperatures for a long time. To avoid smoke poisoning, cover the cracks and vents with water-soaked towels and bedding.